Regulatory, documentary and sanitary expertise

Reduce the financial impact of document fraud

For passenger transport companies, and in particular airlines, the constant changes in regulations, documentation and health requirements are a major challenge.

Identity theft and fraudulent use of traveldocuments are daily threats that must be anticipated to limit the financial impact on these companies .

Oneex offers an air solution dedicated to these specific needs, providing companies with the support of recognized experts in airport security and deploying appropriate technological solutions.

Our solutions

Fast and intuitive

Time saving and flow management through rapid analysis.

A few seconds for a complete analysis
Fast training even with high turnover
Accessible technology for all

Technical assistance

Oneex helpers are available in case of doubt.

Regulatory assistance for registrars in the event of a dispute
Constant updating of regulations in direct collaboration with states worldwide
Support on regulatory, documentary and sanitary aspects


Advanced assistance on passenger analysis

Profiling of passengers at risk of migration
Constant monitoring of cross-border regulations
Personalized help

Financial sanctions

Minimise the financial impact on your business

Interconnected technology for real-time control
Assistance 24/24h - 7/7d

Significant financial impacts

Concrete examples related to document fraud and identity theft

Ineligible traveller (adult)
10 000€
Several thousand euros
Ineligible traveller (minor)
15 000€

Operational and adaptive capacity on global ports of call.

An experienced team of judicial and immigration police officers and specialists in document fraud and airport security.

A close relationship with institutional actors and a network of experts around the world.

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The advantages of our solutions



ICAO compliance

GDPR compliance


Made in France

French experts on the international scene

Although the Oneex team is made up of French people, it is multilingual and its experts will be able to help you to the four corners of the globe.