Detect false documents
with Oneex solutions

Detect false documents with the Oneex solution

French solutions,
innovative and accessible.

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From passports to driving licences, from identity cards to residence permits, Oneex provides you with quick and easy turnkey solutions. Check all the world's documents in a few seconds to effectively combat document fraud.

Solutions tailored to your industry

Law enforcement

Control the identity of individuals with French software that works even without a network.


Protect yourself against industrial espionage by ensuring the identity of your visitors.


Ensure the identity of your customers (KYC). Significantly increase your ability to detect and limit fraud and money laundering.


Secure your business and ensure the identity of your future employees and temps.


Protect your events and improve flow management by ensuring the identity of individuals.

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Implementation and follow-up


Ordering the product

Choose your solution and we will deliver it as soon as possible to ensure immediate protection.


Monthly billing

Simple and transparent, Oneex offers you SEPA direct debits to secure transactions.


15 minutes training

To get started, Oneex offers simple, intuitive and understandable training for your operators.


24/7 expert service

Advice, technical support and guidance, a Oneex helper will always be at your disposal.

A French product by French experts.

Oneex, a cutting-edge technology and know-how to contribute to national sovereignty for the security of users. A team of specialists from various backgrounds united in a common goal: to enable you to fight effectively against document fraud.